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Roy Rogers

Single Action Shooting Society
#7368: “The Gent”

by "The Gent", SASS #7368

Published in "The Cowboy Chronicle" the official newsletter of the Single Action Shooting Society

Photo Courtesty of Roy Rogers Museum

Writing this simple review of the wonderful new “Happy Trails Theatre” DVD & VHS release of classic Roy Rogers & Dale Evans films from Good Time Entertainment has proved far more difficult than I first imagined.

“Why?” you might insightfully ask.  Well, that’s a good question.

The answer, I think, is one of difficulty in expressing the complex sea of emotions I felt as I watched these great movies, the absolutely terrific video bios on Roy & Dale and the fantastic short feature / documentary on “Sidekicks” (Pat Buttram, Gabby Hayes, Pat Brady, Andy Devine, et al). 

But, perhaps the thing that contained the greatest “magic,” and left me speechless, was each DVD’s “Happy Trails Theatre” opening and closing.

These intros & exits, that wrap around the movies themselves, were shot in the late ‘80s and feature Roy & Dale sitting on a simple TV Studio Stage Set with a “Special Guest” or two.

In that natural, friendly and relaxed style that is so uniquely their own, Roy & Dale sit and “chat” with special people such as Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, Iron Eyes Cody, Penny Edwards, and others.  (I’ll let you discover the rest as you watch for yourself.)  There they are, just being themselves, talking with their friends about making those great films we all love.

I’d venture to say that a very large percentage of my fellow SASS members grew up as I did, watching with wide-eyed imagination as our heroes, Roy, Gene, Hoppy, Wyatt, Bat and, of course, the Lone Ranger & Tonto, took care of justice and the bad guys on the small B&W TV screens in our homes or the big silver screens at the Saturday matinee.

We sat in our “shootin’ gear & cowboy hats” as we watched them protect the helpless with respect & compassion, foil evildoers with a fast draw or a faster fist, and treat the ladies like ladies (even when they were almost as tough as the guys).  They were tough.  They were smart.  And they were gentlemen.

It was another age – another time.  It was a time with another set of values.  Oh, people weren’t perfect.  In fact, they were pretty flawed.

But when a kid looked for a hero, someone to aspire to be like, everyone just had these crazy notions that a hero figure needed to be a straight-shooting man who was honest, loyal, brave, strong but compassionate, and a believer in justice for all - even the bad guy.  

I guess it really was another era.  At least, it sure was another Hollywood.

   But you know, somewhere deep down in our hearts, we’re still those little cowboys & cowgirls in our hats, gun belts and boots who looked up to Roy, Gene and those other great actors who took the message they were delivering as seriously as the art of their craft.

Yes, we all know they only portrayed characters on celluloid, but, in their hearts, they understood they were showing us how to “Do The Right Thing,” and defend the helpless no matter what the cost.

They demonstrated how to believe in yourself, when you know you’re doing what’s right and everyone else believes you’re wrong.  They did all that while showing us the importance of loyalty & friendship.

Yes, we all knew they were just low budget B movies, serials and TV shows, but, when you’re an 8 or 10 year old kid watching Roy & Dale put things right and risking all to take care of their friends, you also see yourself up there on that screen.

Sunset Chapel

Memory Lane

Roy "Dusty" Rogers, Jr.


The imagination of a child is a special and powerful gift.

So I say to my fellow cowboys and cowgirls, get yourself a big stack of “Happy Trails Theatre” DVDs or videos, sit down for a Saturday in front of that old TV and watch Roy, Dale, Gabby and the gang fighting the good fight as they take time for a good song or two.


Better yet, get some popcorn, or cookies & milk, gather your kids, grandkids or anyone’s kids around you, and take them back to those thrilling, yet melodic, days of yesteryear – your yesteryear!


They’ll love the movies & special features, but, most of all, they’ll love watching you smile like a kid, hour after hour.

The list price on these classics is only $9.95, but I think you and your little sidekicks will agree they’re worth their weight in gold.


So go to www.royrogers.com, or your local video store and fill up your saddlebags with all the “Happy Trails Theatre” DVDs or videos you can rustle up.  And be sure to check out a world of classic movies at www.goodtimes.com.

And as Roy would say, “Goodbye, good luck and may the Good Lord take a like’n’ to ya.”


About the Author:  The Gent, (aka George Flynn), is an Actor/Writer/Director in Colorado who is also the President of Amazing Unbelievable Entertainment.

To see what he’s doing to bring back those “Thrilling Days of Yesteryear” visit www.AmazingUnbelievable.com, www.GeorgeFlynn.com or www.WordsofFreedom.com.

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